Friday, August 29, 2008

Worms, Bears & Police chase

We woke to the sound of heaving, and knew puking would be next. When Darrell got to the puddle, he looked at me and said,  "they're worms"..."WHAT?" I crawled over to the end of the bed and tried to focus and all I saw was pink fruit loop shaped things...... MOVING........I FREAKED!!!  Poor Darrell had to clean them up while I rushed the dogs out of the bedroom to go out in the backyard for pees!

On my way to the back door past the kitchen MOVEMENT in the TOP of the PLUM TREE caught the corner of my eye...A BLACK BEAR...acrobatically positioned at the very top of the tree, enjoying the ripe yellow plums.  Dogs going outside, NOT an option.

My thought was CAN WE JUST FAST FORWARD TIME so we can get to the vet's for pills for the pups!

Darrell came to the window and we just stood there, half in awe of the bear's agility, the other half wondering what we're supposed to do.  While we were talking about what to do, we heard police sirens and see flashes of light in between the houses from the backyard neighbor's house (bear was in the tree still enjoying the fruit) then hear a THUNK, and someone yelling "GET OUT", "GET OUT OF THE CAR", then more flashing lights, a few minutes later ambulance lights came. 

The bear finally was full and ready to move on, he descended the tree, went one way, then changed his mind because of the commotion, then changed direction and without any effort, placed two paws over a 6ft fence on the neighbors side and easily did a pull up over top of the fence.  This confirmed in my mind that no matter how high the permenant fence we build will be.........we just need to ensure it's study enough for the bears to climb.  

Darrell took Taiki around the block to see what the flashing lights were all about and reported there was a police car went out of control and into the ditch!

All this happened from before 6am, ended 7:11 am Thursday morning.  How crazy is THAT...all before I had my morning coffee :P  like something out of a Monty Python movie.

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