Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tricks- n-Treats (Keegan n Taiki)

It was a lazy Sunday. Darrell and I went to Starbucks and enjoyed coffee and conversation. He's great resource to bounce ideas off of and while he read his business book, I was thinking about games to teach the pups to help with agility. My inspiration was the Sylvia Trkman video Jackie sent me. I was all pumped when we arrived back home. Here's what I taught them this afternoon.

I love training with treats, praise and cuddles. You can disguise "games" to teach them skills for good manners and also for agility prep. If you concentrate on adjusting your hand signals so they can simply follow what you're trying to show them (like playing charades) and rewarding the baby steps along the way, next thing you know ....they've achieve the trick.

Here's where my inspiration came from...Sylvia Trkman puppy class :

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