Saturday, August 23, 2008

golfing-Mamquam-salmon spawning route

Entrance to the Mamquam trails (Salmon spawning route) is by way of golf course.  We had just passed a sign warning trespassers trying to sneak onto the course....when I took the below shot.
I'm not sure what the allure was, but it was difficult to keep these jokers from trying to squiggle their way onto the greens or distract them from trying to charm golfers by wiggling their bums at them.  I'm lucky they posted a "dogs must be leashed" sign before the trespassing warning :P

Hmmmm......I wonder if they're looking for caddies?

Neat thing about this walk is that there is wide gravel one if you feel like being social or if you prefer a quieter walk you can sneak onto one of the many winding paths like this one that run parallel but not too close to the main one so your walk is more private.    
path through the trees to the river.
The river was low in this area, which makes things fun for the dogs and a great place to sit, rest and have a quiet moment to take in the sound of the rushing water and picturesque landscape in front of you.

I'll take more pic's in the fall when the "salmon buffet" season begins as Daizy n George like to refer to it.  This is one of the main salmon spawning routes, it's quite the experience to capture. Eagles, harbor seals, salmon, bears and us.

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River said...

Golfers might have a problem if you're carrying the bags and suddenly you feel the need to 'roach' in the grass! Esp. if there's something stinky there.

love & wags,