Thursday, July 10, 2008

WWF-George and Keegan style, Taikinator as referee

This is not a hiking story rather something I get a kick out of; watching dogs play.
Mike, you might want to take note on some of the moves :P
It's interesting how they all have different play styles, and just learn
to incorporate something fun for whomever they happen to be playing with.
The only common thread is there's lots of stop and start, checking in to make sure nothing's getting out of hand.  If one gets too rough, there's a yelp and play stops.  If the other ignores the yelp, they get an ear full until they back off.  Sounds like a Chinese Opera.  
Daizy's all crash'm up derby, not at all girly...reminds me of Godzilla taking on the army.... Taiki's style is like going to a night at a Monty Python opera and watching a battle scene, lots of exaggerated "take this! and that! how about this! oh yeah well....oh oh retreat! retreat!..." drama, stunts, chasing, along with his own personal ear piercing sound design. George is all about anything from WWF on the ground play, pretending to be a running back being chased to the goal post, to goofy romantic comedy bloopers...Keegan's playstyle, hmmm, the movie with Peter Sellers as the Inspector, 'The Pink Panther" comes to mind :)  Keegan would be Kato. He loves Sneak attacking!   I'll have to capture Keegan's finest sneak attack antic's and blog about them.

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