Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Valleycliff trail-northward (July 2008)

This is the trail close by our home, it sort of runs perpendicular to the street we're on.  There are trails that veer off in different directions, you can walk for as long as you like, or mountain bike and experience something different depending on your mood.

The wild flowers are beautiful and plentiful, these "litter" not only pretty much every sunny
green space on the river trail but also along the highway from Squamish towards West Vancouver.  Below Keegan and Daizy share the ball....for some reason after Daizy retrieves a ball she'll often run up to Keegan, start teasing him with this ball and they'll do this ball swapping back and forth thing.  It's sweet.

Once into the woods, if you cut along to the river, the greens are electric and very bright.
Back into the woods the forest it is muted.  It felt like I walked off of one set onto another one.

We stopped and hung out for a bit in this open area and shared an apple.....Great Zen space. Very little foot or bike traffic.  In the couple hours we were out, we only encountered on other person and his dog.

Daizy is testing her beaglish telekenisis abilities....


snoutbeagle said...

Oh! I love this post! Daizy teasing Keegan with the ball is so familiar. Diesel loves to do that. He'll present Marvin with a ball or toy and then turn away just in time so Marvin can't get it. Marvin doesn't tend to try too hard to get it away while Diesel holds it, but once Diesel drops it or loses interest Marvin pounces! They don't pass it back and forth though ... that is very sweet.

snoutbeagle said...

and of course the beagle telekenesis ... we know it very well in our house. Darling photo!

Daizy, George and Taiki said...

Diesel is so charming! Marvin sounds like he's always full of beans.

It would be fun to find out if someone's written a book about games dogs play with eachother and us...from the devilish to sweet...and it included pictures!

I shake my head sometimes with the things they come up with, not expecting it....and the way they communicate to eachother how one of them perceives the game is "supposed" to be played....and the kick the other gets out of kiboshing their plans :P