Friday, July 18, 2008

Keegan's first swim!

During the summer we get to leave around 3pm on Friday's, yeah!
I raced home and we (me and dogs) headed out to The Spit to watch some kite boarding, then on our way back (estuary is located just before The Spit),  we went for a walk along the estuary before meeting Darrell in Horseshoe Bay (I'll post pic's of that later).
Keegan loves water.  Every time we walk along the river, he heads straight for it and on hot days, he bellyflops down into ankle high water to cool off.  I couldn't wait to see what his reaction would be to a pond.  
Below is his first venture into deeper water while chasing Daizy and the ball.   I've posted it as a memory of our fun, don't expect to see him doing anything as exciting as water ballet.   I'm not sure he realized what he was getting into, as afterwards, he just sat along the side lines not in a hurry to jump back in.  This may be his first and last "swim":P  

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