Monday, July 14, 2008

Jack-rabbit, our friendly wild rabbit

We moved in to our home last July, and noticed that along with the house came a rabbit, who visited our yard in the mornings, sniffing around for fruit from our plum and cherry trees.
I used to have a rabbits as pets, Pillow was an English Lop that Daizy and George grew up with who ruled the home. It was a really nice surprise to see the rabbit in our yard. Interesting how life experiences sometimes repeat themselves (for the better or in way of challenges)....when you least expect it.
Jack's story came to me by way of a neighbor..a sweet little red head girl. The owner of the rabbits one day opened the pen to the hutch and released all the rabbits he was keeping in his yard after neighbors complained to officials. That left them all to fend for themselves. Jack's the only one that made it to date he's about 5 or so yrs.
Jack sticks to visiting a few houses around my home, sleeps on another neighbor's property and between fruit trees, grasses, leaves (loves blackberry and plum leaves) and us, he's well fed. He visits me first thing in the morning and then pops back throughout the day. It's taken a year of desensitizing and conditioning to associate me (and my dogs) with treats, calm and cuddles using the techniques I learned at Dogsmart actually, where my dogs go for classes.
At first I could not get close without him bolting (smart guy not to trust everyone) but now he visits with Daizy (he and Daizy sniff the ground in search for sweet grass to chew), and Keegan touch nose to nose, Taiki is calm and goes to say hello and then is indifferent. George is the schnook has not been in the same area as he'll attempt chase and instigate play, so for now, he just gets to sniff and hang out on the opposite side of the fence.
Jack is comfortable enough with me where when I call him...(I have a bell hanging from my door that I ring as I go out the door and will say "hello sweet pea, over here" and watch him come bouncing from another yard to say hello and allow me to feed, hang out and pet him.
It just goes to show that a little bit of honey(carrots,veggies & fruit), patience and respect (I don't force Jack to do anything, it's all from his free will) go a long way even with different species. I feel sad that he doesn't have a mate, but my dogs and me keep him entertained and I'm certain he feels loved. My plan is to create a home for him and should he ever decide to stay there on his own, we'll be thrilled to have him join our gang.

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snoutbeagle said...

After watching and listening to your video, little bunner Jack isn't the only one transformed to a Zen state. Feeling very soothed at the moment ... :)

Sweet story. Nature is safe with you. Keep up the good work, dear friend.