Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hydro station hike (July 2008)

I finished the hike that Darrell started on Saturday :P  He came home after mountain biking with Taiki and had snapped a couple of pic's to help me feed this blog; only he took the victory pictures at the top and forgot to take a couple along the way.  I decided to swap dogs and do the hike Sunday after the river trail.  It takes a couple hours as well. You meet other climbers, hikers, and can stop and watch them if you need an excuse to rest ;P
You enter via Smoke Bluffs, where you hike among the people climbing,  go up to Octopus' garden and are supposed to keep to your right towards Mountain of Phlegm (?) ...after that just keep going uphill till you reach the Search and Rescue Helicopter pad.  

Here's where I ended up......
Here's where I was supposed to end up.....

There's a beautiful view, which one day I'll have to redo this hike and take it in.
Taiki looks sooooo not impressed with having mountain biked in the rain with Darrell.
I think it had something to do with Darrell's wipe out (bike landing on top of Darrell) after trying to convince Taiki that the slippery log that he had to walk along was no biggie.....

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