Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crumpet Mountain- 4hrs little bit of everything-FUN

Crumpet Mountain trail was FUN.  As with every hike so far, there was a few surprises along the way.  We're within walking distance of atleast 9 peaks :) and Crumpet is one of them.
Darrell likes biking or jogging this one.  He had to slow his pace down for me.... did it in about 4hrs with rest and relaxation stops along the way.  It's not a trail you want to race through. 
I can only  have 5 pic's per post, so I won't bother doubling up on trail access pics as one of the ways to get to the trail is from our river path, which I've already posted of Valleycliff.  
We walked in the forest until we came upon this rickety ladder which leads the way up to the first lookout.  It was soooo old but I loved it, made from unmanufactured tree cool is that!  The dogs were'n as impressed.  Agility cues came in handy, as soon as I said "walk it" they did just that, without hesitation.  Sometimes all they need is a familiar assurance (cue) from us that it's safe.

Halfway up is Co-Crumpet, a look out which comes with a comfy sofa to lean back, chill and enjoy the view...nature's furniture.  All Darrell needed was a remote and an ice cold beer.
This was so neat!  In one section there were ferns,  almost the size of us, lining each side of the forest path.
View to kill at the peak, we sat and talked for the longest time: while the pups rested. Such a beautiful day to be out, it would have been a shame not to take the time to enjoy.  
On a different note, Daizy had a seizure June 25th, which scared the bijeebies out of me on our way back from puppy class while I was driving (I pulled over...)  I've been so worried about her, and keeping a close eye for any signals, but she's been so happy and energetic, that I'm praying she'll be in the clear for a while longer.  I think if worst case scenario, I'd pack her up in one of those doggie knapsacks where they can poke their head out, continue to take her along.  She LOVES these type of long hikes.  George and Taiki are so tiny, but are serious about keeping up the pace.  I'm the one who holds everyone back!Keegan crawled under my legs for a snooze.  He melts my heart.  



snoutbeagle said...

I'm SOOOO happy you are a regular blogger now. I love seeing what you and your gang are up to.

Very cool about the "walk it" cue! Good way to introduce the scary ladder to them as something they can handle.

snoutbeagle said...

P.S. I'm not sure if I understood what you meant – but you can post more than five photos in one entry. Just have to go through the photo posting steps again for your next batch. Then you can copy/paste them wherever you want them in your post. :)