Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day-kids area n Daizy agility (July 2008)

There was a little market with bakery treats, jewlery, and other artisans, along with a kids area...very sweet, tons of kids!! Daizy LOVED being in the kids area....all those sticky sweet fingers to lick!
I found the usual games and then I came across one where you had to slingshot a body part into a Shark's mouth....your choice of a bloody, torn to shreds rubber foot, hand or something indistinguishable :)
Darrell couldn't resist playing the frisbee game...he said he was doing it for Taiki...
Here's Daizy's agility fun, we sort of crashed the Sea to Sky canine sport club agility demo :P Both Daizy and Taiki got really excited when we approached it, so I asked if we could goof around on the course. While they were super refined ...me in my flip flops and goofy sniffer dogs got to have a bit of fun on some of the obstacles when they weren't demo'n. Daizy totally cashed in on some cake with whip cream icing that she found in the corner off of the tunnel. I had nothing to trump that in my pockets!

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