Thursday, June 26, 2008

Roadtrip to AB -Keegan intro

Puppy Australian Shepherd Keegan and I went on a road trip from Rocky Mountain House AB back to Squamish BC.

It was surprisingly one of the best ways I've experienced to date to bond with a new puppy. We got to stop along the way and soak in the beautiful scenery and share camping adventures. It was a super way for me to start off crate, socialization, and housetraining having the one on one time to concentrate without the distractions of everyday responsibilities.

Thankfully I have Alice (thank you for the DAP recommendation for our road trip) and Rita at Dogsmart who have taught, guided and cheerleaded me in my couple rounds of puppy and training classes with Daizy and George. Now Keegan and I start puppy classes soon !!! It's going to be a hoot. I love how each of my dogs have different personalities, and I learn something different from each round of classes. It sure keeps life interesting! My Daizy, George n Taiki are such great big brothers & sister to little Keegie boo. It sure makes things much easier on me having them helping out. I didn't expect them to instinctually jump into those roles.

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