Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Spit-Low tide leading up to it (May 2008)

Darrell dropped me off about 1km before The Spit where you can kiteboard, windsurf, jet ski, kayak. It's the windest spot in Squamish and on sunny days......just jam packed with enthusiasts and spectators (me and my crew of hounds)

I'll take pictures of the sports at a later date, but thought I'd share our walk to the spit with my guys Daizy and George. They just love the outdoors and fun places we find to enjoy walks. I'm soooooo grateful to the girls at Dogsmart for teaching us how to work as a team, and our years of off leash preparation and recalls. I can have my pups on and in safe leash. Yup, you heard right ...beagles can be off leash if you work with them. We've come a long way and I'm proud to say, it's all through creating positive associations. No yelling, squishing, yanking, choke collars or worst.."why I otta"...or "if you don't".....I absolutely LOVE them to bits! I call them my little border collies in beagle suits :)

ps. I just had to mention this as it kills me to see owners who "handle" or are rough or use equipment...with their dogs all in the name of "training". I've seen the horrible fallout from that sort of training, and it breaks my heart.

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