Saturday, January 5, 2008


We had spent Fall/06 piling the dogs into the car with our gear and heading out to Squamish Friday nights after work so we could camp out at the base of the Chief.

The dogs came along for the hikes and climbs. They just LOVED hanging out in the forest and even found a job to do! They became the "welcome wagging dogs" giving licks and cuddles to climbers, and hikers we met throughout the day.

We enrolled in courses to brush up on climbing skills (who could resist when your classroom are the routes outdoors!), did a bunch of hiking to the routes and experienced some pretty hairy, scary, dangerous walk offs....pretty much every weekend.

When it came to purchasing a home, the thought of having that piece of heaven at your doorstep, was in the end, too irresistible to pass up.

We bought in May and moved in July, did some cosmetic fixes to our
humble abode to add some pzazz, and then spent this past summer hiking, climbing, and exploring.

The more I explore, the longer my wish list of things to do out here gets...hence this blogsite. I am hoping to log all I do to keep track of the memories.

There's nothing like being able to share the experiences with my dashing partner in crime, Darrell, my friends, and being able to provide dogs with an adventure beyond the backyard or a romp in the city park.

To me, my new home is a piece of heaven. There is absolutely nothing like fresh, clean, mountain air to wake up to, a river trail just a block away, climbing within walking distance or 5-10 min drive from home, winding paths, trails to hike and enjoy with friends or even alone when you need some quiet time to sort out life's stressful challenges and put things back in perspective.

Most importantly, moving here has made me understand just how important it is to take an active stand in the community and do what you can to preserve this nature, what I call my wonderland. STAY TUNED!!!!


snoutbeagle said...

Wonderful! You started your blog ... congratulations!

I've got you bookmarked now. :)


snoutbeagle said...

Okay, you don't have to take the time to pass it on but the beagles and I have given you a Dogs with Blogs "award" now that you have a blog!

Stop by and check it out (on the post called "Halved") :)

Wags from Diesel and Marvin